Subscribe to our Tango Calendar

Would you like for local tango events to show up on your Google Calendar?

We've got you covered! Subscribe to our calendar feed(s) for Austin, San Antonio, and/or special regional events using the steps below.

It's free, and you'll always have the latest event listings right at hand. Calendar subscriptions are always free, and you can cancel by unsubscribing at any time.

Overview of the Steps for Mac

If you use both a Mac and an iPhone, subscription will be easier for you if you subscribe via the Mac and use iCloud to sync to the iPhone. For iPhone only, see instructions here.

  1. Temporarily change your default alert settings in Mac Calendar to avoid getting alerts for all Tango events.

  2. Decide which of our 3 calendars you want (Austin, SA, and Special Events). Any combination is fine. Copy the URL to the calendar feed(s) for the events you want to see in your Mac's Calendar application.

  3. Start a new subscription in your Mac's Calendar.

  4. Choose your subscription options and complete the subscription. Events will automatically update to your Mac Calendar, so you don't have to keep checking our web calendar.

  5. Revert your Mac Calendar alert settings.

The subscription process takes only a few minutes, but we put detailed instructions below in case you need them.

Detailed Steps for the Mac

Step 1: Temporarily change Calendar Alerts settings

Alert settings for subscribed Tango calendars can't be edited AFTER you subscribe to a read-only calendar. It's an Apple quirk.

So you might need to temporarily turn off your Mac's default alert settings to NO alerts before subscribing. We'll show you how.

To summarize:
  • Make a temporary change in your Mac's Calendar alert settings;

  • Subscribe to our calendar(s).

  • Revert your Mac's settings back to your original setup.

(Of course, if you DO want alerts for Tango events, adjust your Mac's settings below accordingly.)

To temporarily change your alert settings:

  • On your Mac, open the Calendar app and go to Calendar / Settings / Alerts.

  • Make a note of your current settings, so you can easily revert back later.

  • ACCOUNT: select "iCloud" if you want your new Tango calendar to sync to your iPhone or other devices. If not, select "On My Mac."

  • Set the options as in the example at the right.

  • These temporary settings will ensure you will NOT receive alerts for every event in our Tango calendar(s)

  • Click the red button at top left to save and exit Settings.

Step 2: Copy the (first) Calendar URL.

  • Decide which of our 3 calendars you would like to subscribe to.

  • If you want more than one (for example, San Antonio events AND Special Events), you'll just add a second subscription after this one is completed.

  • Copy the URL for the (first) calendar of interest, shown at the right.

Austin Tango Calendar:

San Antonio Tango Calendar:

Special Tango Events Calendar:

Step 3: Start new subscription in Mac's Calendar.

  • On your Mac, open the Calendar app.

  • Go to File / New Calendar Subscription.

  • In the resulting dialog box, paste the calendar link you copied in Step 2.

  • Click the Subscribe button.

Step 4: Set up your Tango calendar options.

The recommended settings are shown at right.

  • NAME: Give your give your new subscription a name, like "San Antonio Tango Events."

  • COLOR: Select a color for your new Tango calendar that is different from other calendars you already have.

  • LOCATION: Select "iCloud" if you'd like your new tango events subscription to also show up in your iPhone or other devices (most people do). If not, select "On My Mac."

  • REMOVE ALERTS: As a precaution against getting notifications, please DO check this box.

  • REMOVE ATTACHMENTS: Leave unchecked so that you can see the attachments we have on events, like our flyers or maps.

  • AUTO-REFRESH: We recommend selecting "Every day," as we add or edit events frequently.

  • IGNORE ALERTS: Again, check this box as a precaution against getting alerts.

Your Mac's Calendar application now shows your chosen Tango events.

  • Your new Tango calendar shows in the far left panel, in the color your chose.

  • Here San Antonio events are on the green calendar.

  • The "waves" icon indicates you are subscribed to this calendar.

  • You can toggle viewing ON or OFF Tango events by using the Tango calendar's checkbox.

  • If you use iCloud to sync your iPhone or other devices, your new Tango calendar will show up there too.

To add a second calendar subscription

Repeat steps 2 - 4 above.

  • You might want to subscribe to one more of our calendars.

  • In this example, we already subscribed to San Antonio events, but we also want to see Special Events on our calendar.

  • Repeat the steps above, but copy the appropriate URL for the Special Events calendar.

  • Make a second subscription on your Mac's Calendar, as outlined above.

  • Here Special Events shows up as the orange calendar.

Step 5: Revert your Mac's Calendar alert settings.

In step 1, we temporarily changed the Mac's Calendar alert settings to avoid getting alerts for all Tango events.

When you're done subscribing to our Tango calendars, you need to revert back to your original Calendar alert settings.

  • On your Mac, open the Calendar app and go to Calendar / Settings / Alerts.

  • Revert the settings back to your preferences.

  • Your current settings will NOT affect events on the Tango calendar.

  • Your current settings WILL affect new events that you create yourself.

  • Example: original settings are shown at right. Yours may vary.

  • Click the red button at top left to save and exit Settings.

Last Step: on the iPhone, if you used iCloud for your Mac subscription.

If you selected "iCloud" in Step 4 so that your iPhone or other device would also be subscribed to our Tango calendar, you need to take one last quick step to ensure you don't get alerts on the iPhone either. Instructions here are for iPhone.

  • On the iPhone, open Calendar.

  • At the middle bottom of the screen, tap Calendars.

  • Locate the new Tango calendar. At its right, tap the "i" information button with the red circle.

  • In the resulting screen, slide the "Event Alerts" slider button to OFF.

  • Tap "Done" in the upper right corner.

  • In the Calendars screen, again tap "Done" in the upper right corner.

If you subscribed to more than one Tango calendar, repeat this for each calendar.

Alerts are now turned off on your iPhone too.

To Unsubscribe

If you decide you no longer want our Tango events showing up on your calendar, it's easy to unsubscribe.

  • On your Mac, open the Calendar app.

  • Right-click on the calendar that you want to unsubscribe from.

  • In the drop-down menu, click "Unsubscribe".

  • In the next dialog, confirm your decision.

All events from the Tango calendar are now removed and no new ones will show up.

Repeat if you subscribed to more than one of our calendars.