Subscribe to our Tango Calendar

Would you like for local tango events to show up on the calendar app of your phone or desktop machine?

We've got you covered! Subscribe to our calendar feed with the steps below (free) and you'll always have the latest event listings in your app. Calendar subscriptions are always free, and you can cancel at any time.

Overview of the Steps for iPhone only

If you want your new Tango calendar to sync between both iPhone and a Mac , we recommend you start from the Mac and use iCloud. Here's how.

Instructions below are for adding a Tango calendar to the iPhone only, without syncing to other devices, using "On My iPhone" settings.

  1. Decide which of our 3 calendars you want (Austin, SA, and Special Events). Any combination is fine. Copy the URL for the calendar feed(s) for the events you want to see in your iPhone's Calendar app.

  2. Start a new subscription in your iPhone's Calendar.

  3. Turn off alerts.

  4. Save.

The subscription process takes only a minute, but we put detailed instructions below in case you need them.

Step 1: Copy the (first) Calendar URL.

  • Decide which of our 3 calendars you would like to subscribe to.

  • If you want more than one (for example, San Antonio events AND Special Events), you'll just repeat this subscription process.

  • Copy the URL for the (first) calendar of interest, shown at the right.

Austin Tango Calendar:

San Antonio Tango Calendar:

Special Tango Events Calendar:

Step 2: Start a new Calendar subscription

  • On your iPhone, open the Calendar app.

  • In the bottom middle of the screen, tap "Calendars."

  • In the bottom left part of the screen, tap "Add Calendar."

  • In the pop-up menu, tap "Add Subscription Calendar."

  • In the resulting dialog box, paste one of the three URLs at the right.

  • Tap "Subscribe."

Step 3: Set up your Tango calendar options.

Step 4: Turn off Alerts

  • the bottom of the "Add Subscription Calendar" screen, move the slider button for Event Alerts OFF, to the left. This option will ensure that you do NOT want to get alerts for every Tango event in our calendar.

Step 5: Save calendar subscription.

  • Return to the top of the "Add Subscription Calendar" screen.

  • In the upper right hand corner of the screen, tap Add.

  • In the resulting screen, in the upper right hand corner, tap Done.

This will save your calendar settings and start your subscription.

If you want to unsubscribe.

  • On the iPhone, open Calendar.

  • In the bottom middle of the screen, tap "Calendars."

  • In the resulting screen, locate the Tango calendar you wish to delete.

  • To the right of the calendar, tap the "i" in the red circle.

  • In the resulting screen, tap "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the screen.

  • Confirm the that want to delete the subscription.

All events from the Tango calendar are now removed and no new ones will show up.

Repeat if you want to delete another of our Tango calendars.