Ways to Learn Tango

1. Classes and Private Lessons

Below we list places in South-Central Texas were you can get ongoing lessons from local instructors. For special workshops from visiting teachers and similar events, please see also the South-Central Texas Tango Calendar. We list all known tango teachers in our area, and we make no specific endorsements.

Angela and Roy share a long-standing passion for teaching Tango around San Antonio. They offer both private and group lessons, and they host frequent milongas and practicas. They also organize the San Antonio Tango Festival.


Angela Avila and Roy Montejano

Manual has been dancing Tango for decades and has taught many of San Antonio's most experienced. dancers. He is available for private lessons by appointment.


Manuel Lobo

Josue has been on the San Antonio Tango scene for several decards and has been an important force in starting Tango here. He is available for private lessons by appointment.

  • acertijo@me.com


Josué Vázquez

Esquina Tango is an Austin-based nonprofit organization that promotes Latin culture, especially Latin dances. They have several highly skilled teachers of Tango on staff, and they host events, classes, and special programs. See our Calendar and their website for more information about instructors and classes.


Esquina Tango

In addition to teaching Tango for years at his Austin studio, David Phillips is also a holistic bodywork practitioner. Find more about his classes and offerings below.


David Phillips

Vania has over two decades of experience in teaching Tango and is a highly skilled leader and follower. She holds regular workshops locally and elsewhere that focus on technique and a deeper connection.


Vania Rey

Lindsey and Ricardo share strong and diverse backgrounds in several forms of dance and body movement. They both teach and perform.


Lindsey Zan and Ricardo Correa

Tango dancers in the Austin and San Antonio areas often travel for special events and workshops. We hope in the future to create a carpool signup service for dancers wanting to rideshare.

In the meantime, if you are based in San Antonio and want to attend Austin-based Tango events, please contact us and we will try to help you network to find carpool buddies.

If you are based in Austin and wish to come to San Antonio Tango events, please contact one of the Austin-based Tango resources listed below for advice.



2. Special Tango Events

Special events such as Tango festivals and workshops given by out-of-town teachers are an excellent addition to you taking local lessons and dancing at local milongas / practicas. Each Tango teacher brings his/her own expertise and particular techniques, and it's good to learn different ways of thinking about tango and moving your body. You will find that some techniques work better for you than others, so it's good to learn from a variety of teachers.

Please do continue to support your local teachers, in addition to attending special events—local teachers are key to every growing and thriving Tango community.

Please see our Upcoming Events page where we highlight special events that are coming up for all Tanguer@s in South-Central Texas.

3. Online Learning

There's no substitute for learning and practicing in person. But you can still learn a surprising amount from online sources. Here are a few you might want to check out.

If your schedule or location makes it difficult for you to attend live classes or workshops, you might consider online learning. For example, Udemy offers several courses in Argentine Tango technique. Even you don't have a regular partner, you can still learn a lot, such as from this very good course in Tango musicality. Shop around on the internet for a discount coupon or code, and you can pay as little as $15/course with lifetime access. You can also check with your city and county libraries, who sometimes partner with Udemy to offer free content (unfortunately, San Antonio and Bexar County libraries no longer partner with Udemy).



Another good resource for learning tango technique when you can't attend a class is YouTube. Quality varies, but there are several instructors who offer detailed videos on basic technique that will help anyone willing to do some at-home practice. The best videos are offered by often famous traveling instructors who want to demo their teaching styles as part of their "resume." So you can see some high quality instruction at no cost.

Three tango channels we like:

  • Tango Space. Pablo and Anne focus on connection, elegant walking, and musicality over fancy steps. Hundreds of useful videos here.

  • Miriam Leonardo Tango. Good technical instruction for intermediate dancers and up for both roles. But for beginner followers, Miriam's ballet training makes her body movements among the most elegant out there.

  • Tango Tools. They offer useful tango exercises designed for home practice.



4. Tango Across Texas

Planning a trip to another Texas city? Find a milonga or take a lesson from other instructors.


Dallas / Fort Worth