Tango Safety and Inclusion

San Antonio Tanguer@s welcomes everyone who has a passion to learn, teach, practice and dance Tango in community with others passionate about the dance.

As the @ in our name suggests, there’s a place for everyone on our dance floor, whether you dance as leader, as follower, or one who swaps roles at will.

We welcome all persons regardless of age, body description, disability, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, language, nationality, politics, race, religion, role preference, or skill level.

If you ever feel uneasy, afraid, or distressed about your safety or freedom of choice from the touch, words, or other behavior of another, we urge you to tell someone:

  • The person whose behavior bothered you, if you feel safe doing so;

  • The teacher or assistants;

  • The event hosts;

  • The DJ; or

  • The front desk attendant.

Tango is an intimate dance often danced in heart-to-heart contact. But you always have the choice of your dance partner, how close you will dance, and what movements you will allow.

A close embrace on the dance floor is not an invitation for intimacy. Consent may be given or revoked at any time.

Unsolicited advice is not welcome, except for something unsafe or making you uncomfortable.

An attendee whose repeated disrespectful behavior, by words or actions, interferes with any person's ability to enjoy a tango event will be asked to leave. In extreme cases of bad behavior, the participant may be prohibited from entering future events organized by San Antonio Tanguer@s.

Please see also our expectations about Tango etiquette.

Be Safe, Have Fun, Respect Others!

This document is adapted from documents created by the Austin Blues Syndicate and members of the Austin Tango Society.

Everyone should feel welcome.

Everyone should feel comfortable.

In case you thought that Tango was only for old, White, hetero, slow-moving couples who dance to boring music where only one partner knows how to lead...

Yeah...not so much.