Why the @ AT Symbol?

Wondering why we call ourselves the Tanguer@s? We tell all here.


10/10/20231 min read

What's with the @ symbol in San Antonio Tanguer@s?

It's our way of getting around the inherent "gender" requirement in the Spanish language. Masculine and mixed-gender plural nouns in Spanish end in -os, while feminine ones end in -as.

As in Tangueros, Tangueras.

"Tangueros" means either men or men-and-women who dance tango. "Tangueras" means only women who dance tango.

The @ symbol neatly combines both O and A in one symbol. Using @ allows us to cover the entire gender spectrum of dancers, as well as any combination of dancers who happen to be in the room.

We're all about inclusion at San Antonio Tanguer@s, and we thought the @ symbol would be a good way of putting our spelling where our hearts are.

Dance on, Tanguer@s of all stripes.