Help us find a regular venue!

We are a small nonprofit group seeking one or two small meeting spaces / venues in San Antonio to host our weekly dance lessons and practices at very low cost or at no cost. We are operating in the red and have a micro-budget as we start on our mission of helping people from all walks of life discover "The Dance of Connection."

  • Are you a church that has a small meeting space you are willing to share with us for a good cause?

  • Does your business have a meeting room that could make you a little money at very little effort on your part?

  • Does your HOA make its clubhouse available for rent to outsiders who can provide excellent references?

  • Are you a small retail business that could benefit from providing free entertainment to your patrons? Restaurants, cafes, art galleries, coffeehouses, marketplaces, etc. are just a few examples of venues that could benefit from hosting of one of our dance events.

Need to Have:

  • For lessons and practices, we are looking for an indoor space with a dedicated weekly time slot of 1-2 hrs on any weeknight, with a little extra time for us to set up / clean up.

  • Approx. 900 - 1500 sq ft. Our lessons will initially attract maybe 10 attendees, and grow to perhaps 25 attendees over time.

  • Flooring that is wood, laminate, or very smooth. Tile and carpet won't work for us, unfortunately.

  • 2 dozen or so chairs of any type.

  • A few tables so we can provide snacks, water, and soft drinks.

Love to Have:

  • A fairly central location in San Antonio, or one that is easy to access by major highways.

  • An in-room sound system that we can connect to via USB / similar for our music.

  • Easy and free parking.

  • Dimmable lighting.

  • We would love to use the same space for occasional weekend events at the same cost as for weekdays, given our very limited budget.

Our References

We have already held several successful practices, workshops, and dances at a few venues in San Antonio. They would be happy to serve as enthusiastic references for us.

  • HOLA Restaurant offered us its patio for our first dance event at no cost. The restaurant benefited because the dancers all bought HOLA's excellent tapas and drinks. Also, we provided free entertainment for the restaurant's non-dancing patrons. We even attracted more patrons that night because passersby stopped to watch us and decided to stay and eat at HOLA (whose food is excellent!). So the restaurant made more money that night because of our presence. HOLA continues to be an enthusiast host for our cool-weather outdoor events.

  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Don Johnson Realtors offers us one of its large meeting spaces for indoor events at no cost when it is available. When anyone asks us to recommend a real estate agent to buy or sell a home, we always tell people to talk to them. So they get free word-of-mouth advertising.

  • We are extremely responsible and respectful. We always leave our venues at least as clean as when we arrive. We clean surfaces and gather trash before we leave. We are not rowdy. Our music is played at a moderate level only, such that people can still have conversations. We return tables and chairs back to their original positions. We attract people of all ages, but most people are 30 years old or more.

Why is Tango Special?

This video explains better than words what makes our dance so special. Also check our FAQ page for more information.


Our Actions

Our Organization

Our Aim

Our mission is to connect, foster, and grow the Tango community here in South-Central Texas.

We host events, maintain a comprehensive calendar, offer resources, and welcome all dancers.

We are a Texas nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers who are passionate about Tango as a way of connecting people from all walks of life.

The dance floors of the Tango practica and milonga should be safe and inclusive spaces.

Our Ethics